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Radiant barrier

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► Low emissivity, high reflectivity
► Permeable, does not trap moisture
► Substantially lowers your cooling bills
► You feel cooler, more confortable in your home
► Ideal for hot climates
► Low cost for long term results!
► Environmetally friendly, very low odor

How it works

Photograph of roof deck sprayed with HeatBloc-Ultra witha small square area left exposed

HeatBloc-Ultra has the lowest e-factor of all spray applied radiant heat barriers at .19. It blocks 81 of the radiant heat trying to come into your home or building.
HeatBloc-Ultra is designed to be applied to the underside of the roof deck and any gable ends of a house. Applying a thin, even coat to these surfaces creates an effective radiant barrier that will stop over 80% of potential radiant heat transfer into the attic.
On hot summer days, the sun heats the exterior of the roof. The darker the roof, the greater the heat transferred.

This heat will seek the cool interior of the home. The roof heat is emitted as radiant energy from the underside of the untreated roof deck, down to the ceiling insulation, if installed correctly and in good condition, will resist a portion of the heat for the time, but will soon transfer heat down into the living space of the home. Think about how hot a well insulated home can get without air-conditioning.

HeatBloc-Ultra can effectively cut the amount of radiant heat entering your attic. Less heat in the attic equals less heat entering the living space. HeatBloc-Ultra works just like shade trees, keeping your home cooler. HeatBloc-Ultra will also keep attic mounted HVAC ducts cooler. Cooler ducts means the AC will not need to work as hard when it is running.
HeatBloc-Ultra is liquid applied, breathable film that will not contribute to moisture retention. Because the film is non-conductive, HeatBloc-Ultra will not interfere with attic-mounted

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